Bakhtiari Rug | 1.56×1.97m / 5.1×6.5ft


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Opulent Origins: Persian Bakhtiari Design

Grace meets grandeur in the exquisite design of the 5×7 Bakhtiari Rug. Drawing from the rich traditions of Persian artistry, it is an embodiment of unparalleled luxury, effortlessly merging time-honored craftsmanship with modern-day magnificence.

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Perfectly Proportioned Elegance

  • Size: Majestically spanning 1.56m x 1.97m (5.1ft x 6.5ft), it is a vision of sublime sophistication, poised to adorn any space with its striking presence.
  • Color Mastery: A harmonious fusion of blue, green, and cream—accentuated by the depth of navy blue—conjures the allure of Persian night skies and verdant gardens.

Rowed Regality: The Persian Patterns

Each row meticulously unfolds a rhythmic dance of repetitive Persian motifs, weaving tales of old-world charm and regal romance. Every pattern, an ode to the fabled tales and rich traditions of Persian lore.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship: 133 Knots Per Square Inch

A labor of love, with an astounding 133 knots per square inch, each hand-knotted with unwavering precision. This testament to dedication ensures that the rug’s splendor remains perennially pristine.

Biljik Wool & Cotton: Synthesis of Strength & Softness

Experience the sumptuous touch of Biljik wool pile, renowned for its radiant sheen and unmatched resilience. Coupled with a robust cotton foundation, it promises both indulgence and longevity to its esteemed possessor.

Born in Maymana

Handcrafted in the historic terrains of Maymana, Afghanistan, this rug is a celebration of a craftsmanship lineage that has been passed down through countless generations. An heirloom, it carries with it tales of time, art, and ardor.

In the 5×7 Bakhtiari Rug, you are presented with more than just a piece for your space; it’s a portal to Persian prestige, a tactile tapestry of timeless tradition and contemporary charm. Indulge in the legacy.

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Belgian Wool (Biljik)


Blue, Cream, Green, Ivory, Red

Knot Density

(45×45) 133 KPSI or Approx. 202,500 Knots Per m²




Knotted by Hand


Maymana, Faryab, Afghanistan



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Cynthia T

The rug is as gorgeous as pictured. The colors are vivid, and the design beautiful. Thank you!

Date of experience: April 12, 2024

Greg Transue

We were nervous as you can expect.
But everything was as stated and rug arrived as scheduled. Wife was very pleased with the purchase. Rug was fabulous.

Date of experience: April 03, 2024

Hashmat Ahmadi

Ordered a map of Afghanistan Rug. First time ever buying a rug from overseas, and it was a great experience. They were accommodating, and whether if you know Farsi or Pashto or English it can be done.

Date of experience: March 04, 2024

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