Need Afghan handmade rugs in large quantities?

Get in touch with us, and we will provide a gallery of ready products or produce based on your demand.

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High quality wool

Using three different wool types (Merino, Welayati, Ghazni, and Belgian), our artisans produce the best Afghan handmade rugs.

Skilled artisans

With a lifetime of experience, our artisans create a piece of art with every knot.

Always ready for bulk supply

With a family of more than 80 employed artisans and hundreds of freelancer artisans, we are never low on stock.

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Large quantity purchase

We offer a gallery of Afghan handmade rugs from our own and our local affiliate stocks based on your demand.

Customized products for bulk orders

With more than 30 carpet weaving frames, more than 90 artisans, and hundreds of independent freelancer artisans, we are ready to weave for you.

Worldwide Shipping

We can supply your business with quick and timely deliveries in over 220 countries.

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