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Our Story

In the heart of Afghanistan, talented artisans skillfully weave intricate, hand-knotted rugs, each one a unique piece of art. Yet, these artisans faced the challenge of limited access to global markets, their work’s value often undermined by middlemen. Enter Afghanu, born in 2020 from the vision of its founder, Baktash. He dreamed of an online platform that would not only showcase these stunning rugs to the world but also ensure a fair trade for the artisans, transforming Afghanu into an ethical bridge connecting Afghan creativity with global admiration.

Afghanu’s journey has been marked by resilience and innovation. Political turmoil in 2021 posed significant challenges, including the withdrawal of international courier services from Afghanistan. Yet, Afghanu pivoted, forging a new delivery network via the UAE, ensuring our customers could continue to receive their orders without delay. Through all these challenges, Afghanu’s commitment to authenticity, quality, and ethical production has remained steadfast.

Today, Afghanu stands proudly as the leading hub for Afghan rug enthusiasts worldwide, a symbol of resilience and entrepreneurship. Registered as an LLC (Afghano LLC) in the USA in 2022, Afghanu provides more than just a product; it delivers a piece of art, a story of a weaver’s heart, and a glimpse into Afghanistan’s rich cultural heritage. We invite you to join us, to become a part of this remarkable story, and to celebrate the extraordinary craftsmanship of Afghan artisans.

Our team

Baktash Eskandary


Ahmad Khanzada

Chief Operating Officer

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