About Afghanu

We started Afghanu because we felt that customers should be able to buy Afghan handmade rugs directly from the craftsmen.

Finding Afghan rugs isn’t hard, but buying a handmade rug thousands of miles away from its origin, it is hard for customers to figure out if the price is reasonable, the product is authentic, and whether the product is ethical.

That is why we came up with a simple solution. We provide a platform where customers can buy Afghan handmade rugs directly from Afghan craftsmen. This way, the origin is clear, the authenticity is assured, the prices become cheaper and there will be no doubt about the ethical production process of the rugs.

Who Are We?

We started Afghanu.com in Dec 2019 to bridge the thousands of miles of distance between Afghan carpet weavers and customers worldwide. 

We, as a startup team, with limited resources and countless barriers that we face, are working hard to connect the crafts markets of Kabul to New York, London, Paris, Berlin, and thousands of cities around the world.

Currently, Afghanu.com is a registered product of Afghano LLC. 

How do we work?

We operate based on three core activities.

  1. Eliminating medal-men and non-value adding processes between customers and artisans.
  2. Assuring the quality of the rugs.
  3. Checking the legitimate and ethical production of the handmade rugs.

Once we assessed a workshop for legitimacy and ethical production, we add them to our vendor’s list. The vendor has complete control over the price and sales of their product.

Our Impact

Every Purchase though our website means a higher income for Afghan Artisans.
When you purchase a rug from our eCommerce platform, the money goes directly from your account to the carpet weavers.
In contrast, when you are buying from third-party sellers on the internet or physically, a great portion of the prices go to the seller, and the carpet weavers receive only a few dollars in exchange for their hard work.
With our help, the carpet weavers registered with us have been able to double their profit margin without increasing the sales price of the rugs.

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