Taupe Ala Bakhmal Rug | 1.5x3m / 4.9×6.5ft


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The 5×7 Taupe Ala Bakhmal Rug: An Emblem of Elegance and Tradition

Introducing the 5×7 Taupe Ala Bakhmal Rug, a testament to the timeless beauty of Turkmen craftsmanship. This exquisite piece, with its understated elegance and premium construction, is designed to enrich any space with its serene presence and refined aesthetic.

Design and Detail

  • Optimal Size: Measuring 1.5m x 3m (4.9ft x 6.5ft), this rug is ideally suited to grace living rooms, bedrooms, and study areas, offering versatility and style.
  • Pattern Excellence: Adorned with a simple repetitive geometric pattern, it reflects the Turkmen Ala Bakhmal tradition’s focus on harmony and balance, making it a subtle yet captivating centerpiece.
  • Color Palette: The rug’s taupe, or warm gray color, evokes a sense of calm and sophistication, easily integrating into various decor styles with its neutral tone.
  • Knot Density: With a knot count of 100 KPSI, this rug showcases intricate craftsmanship, promising both durability and a luxurious texture.

Unparalleled Quality

Crafted from the finest Welayati wool pile atop a sturdy cotton foundation, the 5×7 Ala Bakhmal Rug stands as a beacon of quality. This combination ensures a soft, plush feel underfoot while maintaining the structural integrity of the rug over time.

Authentic Origin

Originating from the historic region of Balkh, Afghanistan, each rug is a product of generations of weaving expertise. The artisans of Balkh imbue each piece with a rich heritage, making it not just a rug but a piece of cultural artistry.

Elevate your home with the Taupe Ala Bakhmal Rug, where every knot and color speaks volumes of a deep-rooted tradition and impeccable taste.

Additional information


Knot Density

(40 x 40) 100KPSI or Approx 160,000 knots per m²




Welayati Wool


Balkh, Afghanistan


Knotted by Hand





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4.6 Rating | 27 Reviews
Greg Transue

We were nervous as you can expect.
But everything was as stated and rug arrived as scheduled. Wife was very pleased with the purchase. Rug was fabulous.

Date of experience: April 03, 2024

Hashmat Ahmadi

Ordered a map of Afghanistan Rug. First time ever buying a rug from overseas, and it was a great experience. They were accommodating, and whether if you know Farsi or Pashto or English it can be done.

Date of experience: March 04, 2024

Damien Clark

Very professional throughout the whole experience. There was a problem where the rug we ordered had been sold without being recorded properly and they curated a list of alternatives based on our design choices and resolved the problem with no hassle, stress, or extra cost.

Date of experience: February 13, 2024

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