Enhancing Afghan Rug Industry For a Sustainable Livelihood of Afghan Artisans

Enhancing Afghan Rug Industry

We can all agree that Afghan handmade rugs with their unique patterns and colors are lovable. They are beautiful pieces of art that give a room, style, and tone. It catches the eyes of the audience and always wins a complement. How much do you know about Afghan rug industry. But as customers have you ever thought about the artisans? Who are they? How much they earn? Do I as a customer, contribute to the living of these artisans?

To answer the first question, I can say the artisans are people from different ethnic groups who have carried this art from one generation to another. But for the second and third questions, I need to explain a few things.

But first of all, Just a fact!

” While Afghan handmade carpets are fabulous, impressive, and luxury, it has little impact on the living of people who make them. “

So what is the problem with Afghan rug industry?

The Afghan craftsmen’s low-income problem and overcharging international customers come from the way this industry has worked for many years.

Let me tell you how you buy a rug for 1,200$ while the craftsmen only receives 50$.

First, an artist receives an order from a local seller to weave a specific carpet pattern. He/She receives 10$ to 20$ wage for knotting 1 square meter. It usually takes one to two months to finish. Then the local seller puts the carpets for sale in the local market for 3x of what he has spent on it.

In the second step, a trader will buy the carpets in bulk from the local seller to export it to Pakistan. (since Pakistan is the only connecting point between Afghanistan and International markets)

In the third step, the International traders will buy the carpets from the markets of Pakistan to resell it in the international markets like Unites State, UK, Australia, and Germany.

Going through different hands the carpets prices will 10x while the artisans who made the carpets receive only a few dollars.

Here comes the Afghanu.com to the rescue!

What is our for Afghan rug industry solution?

At Afghanu.com we came up with a perfect solution. An eCommerce platform that allows international customers to buy Afghan handmade rugs directly from Afghan craftsmen.

How do we work?

Afghanu.com works as a platform to connect international customers to Afghan craftsmen. It facilitates sales, communication, and customer supports. It takes care of global shipping, payments, quality control, refunds, and returns.

Once we register a craftsman, we photograph their finished rugs, record the specification of the rug, and upload it to our website. The craftsmen have complete control no how much to sell their products.

This way, when someone buys a rug from Afghanu online marketplace, the customer buys the rug directly from the artisans. This means there will be no concern about the authenticity, origin, and ethical production of the rugs.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to remove all barriers between Afghan artisans and their customers. The customers should be able to know who made the rug? Were the craftsmen paid fairly? Does the customer’s purchase contribute to the livelihood of the artisans?

As a result of our work, the income of Afghan artisans will increase, and customers can buy authentic and first hand Afghan handmade rugs directly from the artists at lower prices.

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